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Natural Stone "Promise Bracelets"

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Introducing The Promise Bracelets

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Bracelet meaning:  The Promise bracelets were made to be worn between two individuals to showcase their promise and commitment to each other.  Each bracelet shares a Yellow agate bead and a Greyagate bead.  The Yellow bead symbolizes the promise to stay with one another during the happy and bright times.  The Grey bead symbolizes the promise to stay with each other during the difficult darker times.  Wear these bracelets with someone that Promises to always be there.



In each order you will receive 2 Bracelets

  • One White vein stone bracelet with 1 grey bead, 1 yellow bead
  • One Matte black stone bracelet with 1 yellow bead, 1 grey bead


These are limited edition & won't last long!

One size will fit all :) Bracelet size: 6-6.5 inches

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  • Only 100 Bracelets will be given out for FREE 


UPDATE: We have been blowing up on social media for this reason this product is only available for a limited time and supplies will run out very soon. Get yours before it is too late.

100% Money Back Guarantee; If you are not completely satisfied with our jewelry, simply return it for a full refund.